LSC  3l(approx. 2kg)

Living Soil Concentrate
Pure, natural biochar, mixed 50/50 with top quality aerobic compost and  
inoculated with earthworm tea.
Our compost.
We make organic aerobic compost from local plant material, mixed with a combination  
of cow manure, horse manure and chicken manure. The maturing of the compost is  
aided by adding biochar, molasses and seaweed extract. Rock dust and alfalfa complete  
a product that is teeming with micro-organisms and nutrients.

Our earthworm tea.
We use the rich and fertile castings from our earthworm bins to bubble up over 24 hours  
in pure rain water. To assist rapid growth of aerobic bacteria, we add molasses and  
seaweed extract to the mix.

Our biochar.
We use only natural uncontaminated, untreated bush, brush and trees to produce the  
highest quality gardening/agricultural biochar with minimal ash content.
Use LSC to create the perfect habitat for mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial  
bacteria to flourish in your soils. Enjoy the amazing, permanent enhancement  
of your soil.

Copyright© 2020 EdenBiochar, All rights reserved
Copyright© 2020 EdenBiochar, All rights reserved
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LSC - Directions of Use


For Garden beds:


For Shrubs and trees:

Add a handful of LSC in the hole before planting.


In Containers: 

Mix LSC into Potting Soil at the ratio of 1:10.

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Copyright © 2020 EdenBiochar, All rights reserved
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